Electric Window Troubleshooting

Anything from changing a bulb to electric window motor replacement

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Electric Window Troubleshooting

Post by enda320 » Mon Dec 19, 2005 12:22 am

got a problem with your window? stops and goes down a little?
wow.. join the real world, get over it... and do a search!
hopefully that search will have brought you here...

this will deal mostly with coupe windows as they cover most problems.

Window does not move when i open close the door-
do the interior lights come on? if no, then you door microswitch is bust, early models had this as part of the lock (up to 94/95), and later models had it in the door jamb - check here- http://home.earthlink.net/~frankie66/ca ... witch.html

if the lights do come on, check you fuses, and all plugs on the motor, in case it is not getting the signal to drop it, or the motor is kaput

Window stops on auto-closing, and drops-
This is caused by the anti fingertrap mechanism, since the car is closing the window with no one to watch out for objects in the way. when it encounters resistance, it will stop, and back off a couple of inches. to solve this, you need to lower the resistance the window feels. greasing all the internal sliders and mechanism is a start, and also use a rubber restorer on the top seals as these can put too much pressure on the window

Window only moves for an inch at a time-

This is caused by a position sensing magnet falling off part of the motor shaft, so the motor see's the window as not moving, and cuts the power. this is fixed by glueing the magnet back on to the shaft

Window drops forward into the door -
One of the arms has come disconnected from the slider, and the window is then free to fall about. You'll probably need new sliders, but you can try and just pop them back in.

Window clicks/ moves slightly but doesn't really do much else-
This is a failure of either the internal clutches on the motor, or wear on parts of the mechanism, leading to slipping. replacement of the bust parts is the best option.

Window doesn't have the one touch feature-
either your switch is bust, or you aren't pressing hard enough

Window switch doesn't light up-
If the other internal night lights are working, then you will have a blown bulb. Later cars had LEDs inside which won't really fail in a hurry. The bulbs aren't easily replacable, so you can either swap for an LED, or get a replacement from a breakers
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